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Planning & Development

We offer clients a broad range of advice and services focused primarily on residential development. We sell all types of development land from single building plots and buildings with planning permission for conversion through to major strategic development sites throughout the region. If you think your property has development potential, we would be happy to provide a planning overview and discuss the opportunities.

Development Land

We specialise in facilitating promotion of land for development through our in depth and up to date knowledge of the planning system including a detailed understanding of the nuances of each Local Planning Authority within our area of operation. We promote land through the Local Plan process and identify emerging opportunities across the region.

We advise landowners on the most appropriate way of seeking a planning permission for sites ranging from a single plot through to larger scale strategic sites of 600 + units. We coordinate planning applications on smaller sites and where appropriate we seek proposals from development partners for larger scale schemes where the level of resource required to secure a planning permission can be prohibitive for a private landowner.

We market land opportunities to development partners, negotiate conditional contracts and Option and Promotion Agreements on behalf of clients to secure the best terms in the market. We can provide detailed advice on what should and should not be included in any such agreements.

We sell consented land on the open market and negotiate the Purchase Price in the case of Options. We make it our business to keep up to date with the latest market conditions and keep in regular contact with the full spectrum of developers from self-builders looking to find a single plot through to National Housebuilders.

Professional Advice

We are often asked to assist in resolving complex and sensitive issues that are slowing down or impeding development. Depending on the circumstances we may be acting for either the landowner or developer. Typically we are engaged to assist in negotiating access over ransom strips, agreeing variation or removal of restrictive covenants and negotiating overage payments. We have recently resolved examples of all of these for clients to enable developments to progress and release value for landowners. We also provide formal valuations of development land and other property.

New Homes

We work closely with our new homes team and provide advice to developers on mix, layout design and specification of new developments. We also provide valuation advice to assist developers in formulating offers for development land and provide reasoned advice and analysis on sales values to inform pricing of new homes.

The Planning & Development Team

Alex Turner

Partner Planning & Development
BSc (Hons) MRICS

01449 833695 / 01284 748614

Harry Storey

BSc (Hons) MRICS

01449 833687 / 01284 748612

Annie Jones

BSc (Hons) MRICS

01284 748611

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